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Build an Instagram Clone
Build an amazing app in a month. Master a powerful stack—React, GraphQL, Apollo and more. By the end, you'll have a stunning, fully-featured Instagram clone to add to your portfolio, kick-start your business, and share with the world.
Get started now! Join a transformative, fun learning experience and gain the skills to become an indispensable developer.
When Does It Start?
Right Now!
Grab the course right now and take it on your schedule
How Long Does It Last?
1 Month (4 Weeks)
The course will take around 4-5 hours / week
What Do We Make?
One Complete App
We'll make a production-ready clone of Instagram from scratch.
Who Is It For?
Any Skill Level
New or advanced, this class takes your skills to the next level.
Become a powerful React developer in 4 weeks
In this 4-week course, you’ll transform the way you write React code. See how to apply core React concepts, essential industry tools like GraphQL and Material UI to a complete real-world Instagram clone that looks and works just like the real thing to develop career-changing coding skills.
Week 1 - Solidify Core React Concepts
For the first week, you’ll get up to speed with React by making a complete mini social media app. We’ll cover a ton of stuff—everything from the core concepts and syntax to the latest features, including React Hooks and powerful state management techniques.
Week 2 - Integrate Essential Libraries
In the second week, we’ll get familiar with the powerful tools we’ll be using to build our final project. We’ll see how GraphQL makes managing app data a breeze as well as how we can create stunning user interfaces with Material UI.
Week 3 - Build our App Interface
In week three, after lots of getting familiar with these industry-standard tools and libraries, we’re going to start putting them into practice in our final app. We’ll dive into breaking down the app into pieces and get into building the core structure.
Week 4 - Finish our Instagram Clone
To finish everything up, we’ll put together everything we’ve learned in this course to build powerful app functionality and an impressive UI so that it all works just like the Instagram app itself. To top it off, we’ll deploy the final version for the world to see.
Transform your coding skills & career potential
In this month-long course, you'll gain the coding skills at the core of being an pro developer—making amazing, real-world apps. This course will take you from wherever you are in your learning curve to that next step in your career.
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Cutting-Edge React & JS Concepts
So many tutorials and books react and JavaScript concepts are taught that are old and require more code than necessary. Here, we're going to see how to apply the latest techniques that have come out to our projects, and how they transform our code, allowing us to get work done faster and more reliably.
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Go Beyond The Todo App
Tired of tutorials that just teach you the standard to do app? Aren't we all! Here you're going to get the experience that you need that mirrors real life projects that you'll build building on the job. Stop waiting to find a tutorial that teaches you how to build something by creating real, useful apps.
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Expand Your Portfolio & Job Offers
If you're wondering what it takes to impress an employer, what we're going to be building here will do just that. The best thing to do to get job opportunities, to get the interview, and to get the job is to build things that show your expertise. I'm going to show you how to build impressive apps that gets your foot in the door and will be the of an amazing developer career.
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Gain Confidence in Your Code
Through practice and repetition and using these techniques introduced in the course that power some of the world's most impressive apps, you'll see how to write code that gets the job done and feel confident in the fact that you're using tried and tested practices.
4 Weeks. A Better Course Plan.
Get results with a step-by-step curriculum
Take part in a plan guaranteed to help you get results. You'll vastly improve your skills as you take part in practical coding with all of the conceptual understanding you need, presented incrementally over a month-long period
4 Week Plan
Getting Started: Roadmap and Setup
Before we dive into the code, Reed will explain the path through the course, what we'll be covering, how to get the most out of the course, and how to get set up with all of the tools you'll be using in building the app.
Days 1-7: React Crash Course
To kick things off we're going to make sure that we're on the same page, we're going to get started with react in the best way possible through a crash course covering all the essential features of the language key concepts that will makes react so powerful. Along the way, we'll cover the latest features and concepts like React Hooks from front to back. By the end, we'll have built a mini social media app that will mirror in many ways the final app we'll make.
Days 8-14: Mastering GraphQL and Material UI
Next we're going to get acquainted with the tools that are going to be the power source of our app, first of all, GraphQL which is going to help us work with data so much easier in our React app, along with the component library Material UI, which will help us easily create a stunning app interface for users to interact with and gives us all of the to make our app look just like Instagram.
Days 15-22: Building our App Interface
In the third week we're going to put together all of the concepts and tools that we've gained up until this point, and get started on our app clone are going to see how to break down the final app into components. We'll create the basic app functionality and business logic we need, as well as robust patterns for structuring larger appslike this one.
Days 23-30: Polishing our Final Instagram App
It all comes together in the last week, where we see how to put everything together into the final version of our app. We'll implementing powerful functionality across the entire stack using all of our tools and skills we've developed up until this point as on top of perfecting all of the finer details, as well as how to publish our app to the web for the world to see and use.
Learn from the best
Reed Barger
Reed Barger has made a name for himself by creating in-depth, immensely practical courses, showing you how to master React and JavaScript. He has a skill for breaking down complex concepts into easy to understand lessons, always looking for better ways to show you how to build incredible projects. Over 20,000 React and JavaScript developers have taken one of Reed's courses.
Not Your Typical Online Course
Welcome to a new kind of learning
Get world-class personalized training from wherever you are. Forget spending thousands of dollars in pressure-packed bootcamps that don't teach you what you'll do on the job. Gain real-world progress by learning powerful skills that you can immediately apply to your work, put forth in job interviews and form the start of your next great business.
Get hands-on personalized feedback along the way.
During the course you won't be alone. In every lecture, you'll have the ability to reach out to me personally for a one on one direct conversation. Have a question? Feel free to jump in the chat and ask me whatever you want to know. Code not working correctly? If you can't resolve an issue yourself can always look to the final code I'll be here to take a look at it personally.
Course features
A four-week journey you'll want to share.
Create a "path" that tells the story of your month-long learning process. Your path is a shareable story for friends, family, and yourself. It's all about the journey.
Course features
Make a production-ready app for the world to use.
This course is about getting results in your career, and in your code. By the end you'll have a complete production ready app. That is impressive visually, and in what it can do. On top of mirroring in many ways, an app that millions of people have use. You'll be able to use it as the start of your own projects that can be shared and used by anyone.
Course features
Why you'll love this course
Hear from previous students about what you can expect
“I finished a coding bootcamp that frankly hasn't exposed me to how I'd build out production ready apps the way your courses have."
Testimonial person
Breldan M.
“Nobody is putting up the tutorial videos on the React and Graphql stack. I have been attempting to learn these technology stacks work together by following some repositories on Github, but always ran into problems that I couldn't solve on my own. I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate and respect Reed for putting his knowledge that follows current coding trends, which nobody does."
Testimonial person
Eric L.
“Reed really has blown me away with the pace he sets and the moments he decides to elaborate on vital points. I feel I accomplished something after each video - rather than the crappy feeling of just following along. This has been one of the best courses I've done (and I've done many). Thanks Reed!"
Testimonial person
Brandon N.
“If you are serious about software development you are gonna love Reed's approach to sharing his knowledge. No splash screens, no self-advertising videos nor the pretension of "I'm gonna teach you...". And I take that as his intention to respect his audience. Through absence of intellectual arrogance he makes you feel "we are in the same boat"."
Testimonial person
Tony G.
“Before buying this course I went through the newest written tutorial that I could find, and afterwards felt like I barely learned anything. Reed's course on the other hand is nicely structured, not too long (which sometimes makes me lose interest at some point instead of getting me excited) and he explains things well. I like his calm way of presenting the material."
Testimonial person
Oliver S.
I couldn't recommend this course more. The instructor seems very knowledgeable about the topic despite being cutting edge technologies. I'd like to emphasize that the course is not only focused on React but covers GraphQL quite in depth and also provides practical and fast ways of using and integrating extremely useful resources"
Testimonial person
Joaquín C.
“Amazing... This dude is no joke. I am learning so much my head is about to explode... (in a good way!)"
Testimonial person
Lloyd B.
“A great course, with so many different kinds of technology introduced, explained and implemented. From GraphQL to React hooks, we learn how to make server database queries and create learn code with the latest React Hooks technology. In addition, the course introduces so many online services that are pretty interesting. I like this course very much! Thank you!"
Testimonial person
Jane L.
“This course is amazing. needless to say, so good! I'm totally a newbie, but thanks to Reed's teaching style, I'm able to catch up this course. I like his explanation step by step. Thank you! I hope you would create more courses like this sooner or later :)"
Testimonial person
“Just started this course and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it already. The pace and layout is exactly what I was looking for and is so much better than me wasting time searching YouTube for help. No fluff, it's perfect. This course isn't for beginners, but if you just need to learn and learn FAST then this is the course for you."
Testimonial person
John T.
“The instructor is to the point and has clearly explained every step. Very easy to follow. I enjoyed the tutorial series. I feel my expectations have been met as this tutorial series taught me a lot about how a React app is built. Very exhaustive tutorial and highly recommended."
Testimonial person
Jono T.
"This is an amazing course. I really enjoyed learning by doing. Reed writes code in a way that is very easy to follow. The app you make gives you a piece you will be proud to put on your portfolio. He uses new technologies and techniques to get you ahead in the hooks game. You can tell that he is a great developer and you will learn a lot by following his patterns, thank you Reed!"
Testimonial person
Bradley B.
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When does this course start?
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