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This is React12. An immersive, personalized course series to build 12 real-world app clones with React
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Stop trying to 'learn' React. Become a developer now. You'll see how to do it in the most effective, practical, and fun way possible: by building the real apps you use daily.
4 Week Course
Build an Instagram Clone with React
Reed Barger
Build an amazing app in a month. Master a powerful stack—React, GraphQL, Apollo and more. In this course, you'll make a stunning, fully-featured Instagram clone from scratch
Code apps worth sharing
To truly level-up your career, you need hands-on experience as a developer. And that means building apps. Lots of them. In this series, we'll make 12 complete clones of the apps you know and love, one per month. You'll create your own version that looks and works like the original that you can share with the world.
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Join a transformative experience
Each leg in the React12 series is not just a course, it's a personalized experience. It's an entire month-long learning process of transformation, reinforcing the core concepts you need while giving you the practical, on-the-job training that doesn't exist outside expensive bootcamps and workshops. At the end, you'll have a final project that you can share with the world that speaks to your accomplishment.
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Gain hands-on mastery of indispensable tools
The tech industry moves at a breakneck speed. How do you keep up? For every app clone we build, we'll use the tools you need to know, using the latest techniques and best practices. Our courses are guaranteed to be up-to-date and feature the hottest, most in-demand libraries and skills to the get you the job.
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React Hooks
The best way to build web + mobile apps
143k stars
React Hooks are a recent addition to the React library, arriving at the end of 2018. They give power to our React components like never before, allowing us to rewrite our React apps with less code and complexity. They're an essential set of tools to learn and master for anyone looking to truly level up their skills as a React developer and they will be at the heart of every app that we build in the React12 series.
Learn on your schedule, anywhere you want
A better learning experience that takes place wherever you are, on your schedule. To top it off, you’ll have lifetime access to the full course curriculum, complete with updates, and a community of fellow students to connect with.
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